Spring Home Tips


Here at King’s Remodeling and Restoration, we want to make sure your home is ready for spring. Below, we have listed some of our top tips to make sure your home is completely ready.

Examine Your Roof Shingles: After high wind and cold temperatures, roof shingles can come loose. If you notice any of missing or worn shingles, be sure to take note and replace or call King’s to help out. If you have any loose flashing around vents, chimneys or skylights, it needs to be repaired before the spring rains.

Check Your Gutters: Be sure to perform a walking circuit around your house to look for any loose or leaky gutters. Improper drainage from your gutters can lead to water damage to your h...

Fire Safety Tips for The Holidays


The holiday season is a wonderful time for family and friends to come together and enjoy a delicious meal, but it can also be a potentially dangerous situation. Thousands of homes across the United States experience an emergency on Christmas, so be sure to practice these safety tips courtesy of the National Fire Protection Association:

Remain in the kitchen while you’re cooking, and keep a close eye on what you fry! Always stay in the kitchen while frying, grilling or broiling food. If you have to leave the kitchen for even a short period of time, turn off the stove. Regularly check on food that’s simmering, baking or roasting, and use a timer to remind you that you’re cooki...

Preventing Water Damage


Water damage in your home or business comes from a variety of sources. Here at King's Remodeling and Restoration, we've seen just about everything, and want to relay some of our knowledge on how to prevent water damage from affecting you. Below, we've listed some tips for preventing water damage, and what to do if it occurs.

Washing Machines

  • Turn supply valves off when not in use for extended periods of time.

  • Do not operate the washing machine while the home is unoccupied.

  • Inspect the water supply lines every six months.

  • Check the hoses for cracks, kinks blisters, which are most commonly found near the hose connection.

  • Washing machine manufacturers recommend replacing washing machine hoses every...

National Fire Prevention Week

Did you know that three out of five home fire deaths happen from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms? Working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in reported home fires in half. This week, make sure to check your fire alarms!


Do I need a professional carpet cleaner?


When looking to have your carpets cleaned, it is of paramount importance to make sure the company you hire is certified. King's is proud to service your home or business. After all, carpeting is an expensive investment, and proper care is needed to maintain the overall look and integrity. There is no greater impression on a visitor than the condition of the home or commercial office flooring, and spots and stains can leave a bad impression. So when it comes time to clean the carpet, only a certified technician or firm should be called.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with people who say they can tackle any kind of job, but only certified professional carpet cleaners can actually do the...

Your business needs an Emergency Plan


An estimated 50% of businesses that close due to a disaster, such as fire and flood never reopen.

King's Remodeling and Restoration has worked with many businesses in the area to ensure they are prepared for any emergency.

Between 2004-2008 16,360 fires happened in retail stores and other mercantile properties such as grocery stores beauty and barber shops.

Those fires caused $648 million in property damage. Fire damage is worse after normal business hours. Fires that started between 9PM-5AM caused $75,000 dollars in damage. Fires that started between 5AM-9AM caused $24,000 dollars in fire damage.

More than 60% of U.S. small businesses do not have formal emergency response plans & do not back...

What Fire Extinguisher Do You Need?


To safely put out a fire and minimize fire damage, it’s important to understand that there are different types of fire extinguishers designed to effectively douse different types of fires.

Fire Types or Classes

There are five different classes of fires, each designated by a letter.

Class A: The most common type of fire, Class A fires have combustibles that include paper, wood, cloth, plastic, trash and other ordinary materials that may be found in any home or business.

Class B: Fires caused by flammable liquids are considered Class B fires. These flammable liquids include gasoline, paint and oil. A Class B fire may also include combustibles such as propane or butane, which are flammable...

Don't Forget Your Thermostat While on Vacation


Most people remember to use their thermostat's scheduling feature before they go on vacation, since it allows users to control their home’s temperature while they're away. However, you could be missing out on daily savings if you don’t program your thermostat on a regular basis.

Whether they're "smart" or not, programmable thermostats are an excellent money-saving tool. They help your AC unit run more efficiently, thereby reducing your heating and cooling bills.

But are you getting the most out of your programmable thermostat?

While You're Away or Sleeping Set Your Thermostat to High

Learning to program your thermostat is simple — it just requires a little time and strategic...

The Importance of a Local Contractor


If you or someone you know is in the market for remodeling work, thinking local goes a long way. As a locally owned and operated licensed contractor, King’s Remodeling and Restoration works hard to support the local economy. Thinking local in regard to your contractor has some major perks.

We’re Easy to Reach.
One of the biggest problems in construction is being able to clearly make plans that involve the home or business owner and the construction company. Great communication is important, not only via phone and email, but face to face. Construction work is very personalized, and having you contractor located in your area facilitates the face to face meetings a successful proje...

Purchasing a Fire-Damaged Home


Whether you’re looking at fire damaged homes for sale as a fix-and-flip investment or as a way to stretch a home-buying budget, there are several things to consider before signing those final closing documents. The professionals at King’s Remodeling and Restoration see every degree of fire damage in homes and offer a few tips for buying a fire damaged house.
Fire Damaged Homes: Pros
One of the biggest pros to purchasing a home with fire damage is the price. Often these homes are undervalued. How long ago did the fire happen? If it wasn’t a recent fire and repairs have begun or have been made, the cost of repairs may be less. When an undervalued fire damaged home is purchas...