Spring Home Tips


Here at King’s Remodeling and Restoration, we want to make sure your home is ready for spring. Below, we have listed some of our top tips to make sure your home is completely ready.

Examine Your Roof Shingles: After high wind and cold temperatures, roof shingles can come loose. If you notice any of missing or worn shingles, be sure to take note and replace or call King’s to help out. If you have any loose flashing around vents, chimneys or skylights, it needs to be repaired before the spring rains.

Check Your Gutters: Be sure to perform a walking circuit around your house to look for any loose or leaky gutters. Improper drainage from your gutters can lead to water damage to your home. Make sure your downspouts are all facing away from your home and not towards your basement, foundation, or crawlspace.

Inspect Your Concrete: While walking around your home, be sure to note any cracks in any concrete. Cracking in your concrete can lead to water draining into your home, weakening your foundation. Fill any cracks with a caulk or concrete filler. Make sure to fully seal all concrete cracks.

Relocate Your Firewood Storage: Firewood should be stored at least 2 feet from your structure to prevent unwanted pests from entering your home.

Check Outside Water: It is very important to check all outside faucets for freeze damage. To check, turn the water on and block the spout with your thumb. If you can easily stop the flow of water, you may have a leak in the pipe inside the home or crawlspace. A damaged pipe can lead to water damage inside the home.

Check Your HVAC: Now that spring is here, make sure to have a heating and cooling professional look at and service your AC unit. Also be sure to change your interior filters, if you have not done so recently.

As always, King's Remodeling and Restoration is available 24/7 to help you keep your home in top shape.

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