Cleaning Smoke Damage With A Professional

When fire distresses a home or business, it is best to immediately hire a professional who specializes in cleaning smoke damage. Even the most proficient of do-it-yourselfers can easily make mistakes that will require a professional to correct or may even cause permanent damage. This could compound any dispute that arises with the insurance adjuster, who may want the items restored under the policy. Any damage to the carpet could complicate the adjustment process, creating more confusion in an already stressful time.

Some homeowners’ policies have specific provisions for this type of damage. Others simply cover such incidents under the category of partial losses. It depends on the policy. Many insurance adjusters, therefore, do not place cleaning carpet, drapes, or furnishings very high on the priority list. They often dispute claims for restoration services, recommending instead that he homeowner simply replace the carpet, furniture, or drapes and pursue a claim for the costs. In such cases, it is best to have already hired a professional who specializes in cleaning smoke damage in order to head off this dispute before it arises.

A professional can show the adjuster how certain things in the home can be repaired. He or she will inspect the home and recommend a list of cleaning techniques and materials that can restore the original items to good condition. The insurance adjuster can then consider accepting the proposal to restore these materials, and, in many cases, will recommend that the insurance company cover these repairs under the policy. If the professional feels that the items are too badly damaged to be restored, then the process of replacing various items becomes simplified. Rather than replacing everything, only those things that clearly cannot be salvaged will need to be purchased.

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